About BFHS

Beacon Falls High School is one of the leading online education institutes that gives individuals from around the globe the opportunity to pursue their academic and professional dreams. It is a part of our mission to inculcate education that is readily accessible, affordable and of high quality.

We specialize in providing students with high school diplomas through the distance learning format. These diploma programs are self-paced, self studied and internationally recognized. Our state-of-the-art academic system allows us to deliver education that is easy to comprehend, user friendly, and result oriented.

Beacon Falls High School not only ensures high quality education but also keeps in mind the affordability factor. Our pocket friendly diploma programs are designed to fit the budgeting constraints of people from all walks of life. To add to that, Beacon Falls High School also offers scholarships to deserving students apart from other fee reduction methods. To read more about the scholarship and fee reducation methods, click here.